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Minimizing Signs of Aging with Fractional Rejuvenation

Skin fractional rejuvenation is a skin treatment that uses lasers to treat a number of skin conditions, such as wrinkles and other signs of photoaging. They are performed using a machine that would emit high-intensity light pulses that would penetrate and heat the deep dermis (of skin layer) and stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. This would result in fresher and younger-looking skin.

Just as with any type of skin treatment, you have to make sure you are a good candidate for fractional rejuvenation. Talking with your dermatologist can help you understand if the procedure or treatment is right for you, but here are some things that can make you unqualified for a fractional rejuvenation skin treatment:

  • You have a history of skin scarring (such as keloid or hypertropic)
  • You are suffering from a bacterial or viral skin infection
  • You are suffering from blood flow, immune, or skin disorders which can cause healing complications
  • If you are suffering from acne and is using isotretinoin, or have used it within the past 6 to 12 months (it can increase chances of scarring after the treatment)
  • If you have earlier fractional rejuvenation treatments that resulted in changes in skin color, scarring, or fibrosis (thickened tissue)

Factors such as skin color can make results of fractional rejuvenation differ – darker skin tones tend to heal differently from lighter skin toned people. In order to get the best results from your fractional skin rejuvenation treatment, consider a combination of other techniques, such as chemical peels or dermabrasion. Your dermatologist would be able to suggest the best option or method for your skin type and condition.

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