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Mass Torts Campaigns, Explained

I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. However, I am interested in legal matters. I have long considered law school as an option, simply because of how fascinating I find many legal matters to be!

Take disputed liability cases, for example. This is essentially when two people tell conflicting stories on who is responsible for an accident or something else that causes damages. The job of a lawyer, in these cases, is to get to the bottom of the incident or accident, defend their client, and pursue a fair decision from the judge or jury. In disputed liability cases, a lawyer plays multiple roles; defender, investigator, counsel, and supporter. How endlessly cool!

Another type of legal business that I have recently discovered is “mass tort campaigns,” but before I can explain what these are, I should probably describe the business of law firms more broadly. In this article, I will describe law firms’ business infrastructure, mass tort campaigns, and more:

The business of law firms

You might be surprised to learn that law firms are not the only entities involved in the legal business. In fact, they are just one of the many types of companies that involve themselves in legal matters. Legal conversion experts, for example, are experienced workers that dedicate their business to taking potential clients and converting them to reliable clients for a law firm. There are a million law firms for every type of court case a client might want to pursue, so having a business work alongside a law firm to specifically market a firm’s skills is crucial to earning clients!

Other businesses that operate parallel to law firms include administrative agencies that deal with client paperwork or other secretarial matters. This can be important for law firms that are too busy investigating cases and defending clients to take care of administrative matters.

Mass tort campaigns

Some law firms or practices seek to pursue mass tort campaigns as a way to fight for justice and earn more clients. Mass tort campaigns are responses to a discovery that a product or service used by many people was malfunctioning or dangerous.

Here is a great example: for years, opioid medication was prescribed to people without proper warnings on its addictive nature. As a result, mass tort campaigns are waged by law firms, advertising the fact that opioid manufacturers can be sued by individuals harmed from their negligent actions. Other subjects of mass tort campaigns include:

  • Faulty machinery
  • Dangerous medical procedures
  • Carcinogenic chemicals in household products
  • Other risky ingredients in products

If a judge finds a company to be guilty of hiding the dangers of a product or service, a law firm might want to use a third-party agency to help them conduct a mass torts campaign. These campaigns advertise to potential consumers of the dangerous product and discuss the benefits of pursuing legal action against the negligent or irresponsible company.

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